quarta-feira, 26 de dezembro de 2012

Habbo Coins Adder

With this tool , you will be able to generate habbo coins for free ! This awsome tool support all habbo versions : Us , Uk , PT-BR , PT etc..

Habbo Coins Hack FAQ :

Q: How long will it take until my Coins has delivered?
A: I can't answer to that question. It may be delivered immedeatly, it could take two or three hours or even days, depending on the traffic.

Q: Can i log on while the money is being delevered to my account?
A: Yes you can be loged into the home page , but you CAN´T be in the game

Q: I'm getting a .net framework error, what is this??
A: Simply download the latest ".net framework" from the microsoft webpage, just google it.

How to Download :